Измеритель мощности ophir vega

Ophir 7Z01560 Vega Color Screen Handheld Laser Power/Energy Meter

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  • High legibility color screen
  • Vega portable laser power meter compatible with all Ophir thermopile, pyroelectric and photodiode sensors.
  • Rugged, portable and compact
  • Illuminated keys for working in the dark
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The Vega is the most versatile and sophisticated handheld laser power/energy meter on the market. Just plug in one of the many Ophir sensors and you have a whole measurement laboratory at your fingertips. The bright color display gives unparalleled legibility and ease of interpreting information. The Vega has many on board features such as laser tuning, data logging, graphing, normalize, power or energy density units, attenuation scaling, max and min limits. The Vega can also display the power or energy with a high resolution simulated analog needle display.

The Vega can be operated either by battery or from an AC source with the charger plugged in at all times. Its bright display and backlit keys allow easy use in dark room conditions or with laser glasses on.

The built-in USB and RS232 interfaces and StarLab and StarCom PC software allow on-line processing of data or processing previously stored data; results are displayed graphically on a PC. To support PC interfacing, LabVIEW drivers, COM Object Interface and ActiveX controls are provided.

Additional Features:

  • Improved Functionality
  • Log every point at up to 4000Hz with pyro sensors
  • Nonvolatile data storage up to 250,000 points
  • USB and RS232 output to PC with statistics package
  • Clear screen color for work with laser safety goggles.
  • System Integrator Tools included: LabVIEW VIs, COM Object Interface, ActiveX.
Thermal Sensors Yes
Photodiode Sensor Yes
Pyroelectric Sensor Yes
BeamTrack Sesnor Yes
Statistics Yes
Analog Out 1V, 2V, 5V, 10V
Trigger input and output No
RS232 30Hz
USB 2000Hz
Bluetooth N/A
On-Board Data Storage 250K
Automation Interface Yes for USB
Labview VI’s Yes

Easy Setup of Laser Power Meter and Sensor — Ophir Photonics


Измеритель мощности ophir vega

With Ophir’s Smart Head technology sensors can be interchanged between different meters easily. The calibration and setting information is stored in the sensors Smart Head connector so it moves with the sensor to the new meter. It is recommended that you power off your Nova meter before removing the sensor, but the new Nova II and Vega meters detect that a sensor has been removed or attached and will power cycle themselves when doing this.

The energy meters will then sample at close to its maximum frequency. For instance measuring 10 KHz with a PD10 Sensor and Nova II where the maximum frequency for every pulse on the Nova II is 4 KHz: in this case, the Nova II will pick out pulses at a rate of close to 4 KHz and sample them, i.e. the Nova II will record 40% of the pulses.

In all Ophir instruments, all adjustments, including zeroing internal circuits, are done from the software. This ensures simple and accurate realignment. The zeroing process helps eliminate internal biases in the unit which could affect accuracy of measurements. It is recommended to re-zero the instrument every 2 months for best performance. Specific instructions for doing this are found in the relevant User Manual for each instrument.

No, only Ophir power/energy sensors with the Smart Head connection will work with the Ophir power/energy meters.

The Power and Energy Meter’s software can be upgraded by the customer using Ophir’s StarLab PC application available for download from the Ophir website.

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1. Attach the Power and Energy Meters to your PC with the USB cable provided with the Power and Energy Meters.

2. Go to the bottom of the StarLab page and download the firmware for your Power and Energy Meters

3. Run the StarLab application

4. Select your Power and Energy Meters device and press Diagnostics

5. Select your meter and press the Upgrade button

6. Follow all the on-screen instructions to successfully reprogram the display.

If the field-upgrade process fails (example, unplug of the USB cable during the upgrade), the Power and Energy Meters will not function properly. Therefore, when turning on the Power and Energy Meters the user gets a blank screen. Note: The Power and Energy Meters can still communicate with the PC. Try to reinstall the Power and Energy Meters software as described above.

Whenever we release a new version of StarLab we add support or deal with various other meter-specific issues. This may necessitate upgrading the meter firmware to the latest release. This release is included in the StarLab package and simply enter the Field Upgrade dialog in order to upgrade your meter to be up to date.

Unless otherwise indicated, Ophir sensors and meters should be recalibrated within 18 months after initial purchase, and then once a year after that.

The analog output of the meter — using the mating connector provided – gives a voltage signal proportional to the actual reading (it is in fact just a D/A translation of what is being displayed), so it represents a fully calibrated reading. The full scale value is a function of the meter being used and the power range it is on. With the StarBright, Vega and Nova II, for example, the user can select full scale analog output voltage ranges of 1v, 2v, 5v or 10v, and the 100% level of the chosen power scale is scaled to the full scale voltage. For example: if you choose 5V full scale analog voltage range, and your sensor is set to a 50W full scale power range, then you will have 5V = 50W or 0.1 V/W. It will vary according to the chosen power range and chosen full scale voltage range. The electrical accuracy is stated in the specification (see the User manual) as ±0.2% (of reading) ±0.3% of full scale volts (in addition to the calibration accuracy of the sensor’s reading itself).

For the best accuracy and repeatability, each Ophir meter should be zeroed with no sensor connected periodically. It would not hurt to zero the meter each time it is used, but we recommend to zero the meter at least once a month. See your meter User Guide for the zeroing procedure particular to your meter. To view or download a copy of the meter User Guides, follow this link: https://www.ophiropt.com/laser-measurement-instruments/laser-power-energy-meters/services/manuals.

Our recalibration process is to not automatically upgrade the firmware in meters when they are sent in for recalibration, unless specifically requested to upgrade it. The reason for this is that we support many companies, such as medical companies, that have equipment validation processes that don’t allow changing the firmware version from the currently validated version. If you do want the latest firmware version installed, we will do that at no additional charge (for meters which are upgraded electronically) if it is specifically requested on the RMA request checklist form. For older meters (such as the Nova) that are upgraded through changing the EEPROM, a nominal fee is added, if firmware upgrade is requested. Note; upgrading the firmware does not affect the calibration.

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Yes. We now offer a switching universal power adapter/charger for the Ophir displays. It is part number 7E05029.

Yes, the battery needs to be replaced. A new battery should last 8 hours per charge. We recommend that you send the meter back for battery replacement and recalibration. User battery replacement is possible. For battery part numbers and ordering information, go to https://www.ophiropt.com/laser—measurement/spare-parts.

Unfortunately the interface described above is not sufficient to establish the correct communication protocol for the computer USB to interface to the Nova II or Vega meter. The original USB cable (one is provided with each Nova II and Vega meter) is required for the StarLab software to communicate OK. The USB cable is P/N 7E01205 and is available to order.

This section describes various ways to interface the Ophir meter to your PC as well as the software options available.

The StarLab application together with an Ophir meter turns your PC or laptop into a full-fledged laser power/energy meter. Supports most Ophir laser power/energy sensors. Up to 8 sensors can be displayed at once on one PC. By using the Ophir COM Object, you can control the device from your own application. Supports the Ariel, Centauri, StarBright, StarLite, Juno, Juno+, Nova II, Vega, Pulsar-1/2/4, Quasar, EA-1 and Ariel devices.

The StarCom application together with the Ophir meters that utilize the RS232 protocol turns your PC or laptop into a full-fledged Ophir laser power/energy meter. StarCom supports all major Ophir sensors. Supports the Nova, LaserStar, Nova-II, and Vega meters.

Library supplied for a complete measurement interface with most of our USB speaking devices (Centauri, StarBright, StarLite, Juno, Juno+, Nova-II, Pulsar, Vega). Makes use of our new COM object.

Embedded Software for Vega & Nova II Laser Power / Energy Meters

Use StarLab to upgrade the firmware of your device.
Press Here for step-by-step instructions.

System Integrators

Besides their use as stand-alone, fully featured laser power/energy meters, Ophir devices are easily incorporated into larger end-user applications. This allows system integrators to leverage Ophir’s excellence in measurement capabilities with legacy analysis packages.

RS232 communication is the simplest to integrate into your OEM application. Integrated Development Environments (IDE’s) such as Microsoft Visual Studio provide functions and methods for accessing the PC’s com port.

The following is all that you need to get your RS232 applications up and running

  • User Commands contains an alphabetical listing and detailed description of all commands available with the Juno, Juno+, Pulsar, Centauri, Nova-II, Vega, StarLite, and StarBright devices.
  • Nova II / Vega RS232 cable (P/N 7E01206) for use with the Nova-II and Vega devices (included with the Nova II / Vega).

Ophir provides a common interface for communication and control of all of our USB speaking devices. OphirLMMeasurement is a COM Object that is included as part of the StarLab installation (StarLab 2.10 and higher) that allows the system integrator to take control of the Juno, Juno+, Nova-II, Pulsar, Vega, Centauri, StarBright and StarLite devices; integrating them into his in-house measurement and analysis package.

System Integrators will need the following components:

  • OphirLMMeasurement COM Object.pdf lists and describes the methods and events available for configuring, controlling and uploading measurements from Ophir devices.
  • OphirLMMeasurement.dll. COM object component developed and supplied by Ophir for communication with the Juno, Juno+, Nova-II, Pulsar, Vega, Centauri, StarBright and StarLite devices. The COM object is registered when the application is installed.
  • OphirLMMeasurement COM Object.pdf describes how to register it on another PC where the Ophir application has not been installed.
  • Nֺova II / Vega USB cable (P/N 7E01205) for use with the Nova-II and Vega devices (included with the Nova II / Vega).
  • Ophir provides example projects of COM Object clients in VC#, VB.NET and LabVIEW. These are found in the Automation Examples subdirectory of our StarLab PC Application.
  • For direct control of the device, refer to User Commands .
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How to see an analog representation of laser power/energy on a scopeHow to see an analog representation of laser power/energy on a scope How to see an analog representation of laser power/energy on a scope

Do you sometimes need to see an analog representation of your laser power/ energy on a scope, in parallel to measuring it with a meter? This video will show you how to do that.

Setting Your Laser Power Meter To a Custom WavelengthSetting Your Laser Power Meter To a Custom Wavelength Setting Your Laser Power Meter To a Custom Wavelength

Learn how to set the correct wavelength for your measurement, even when the wavelength you need is not one of the default wavelengths offered by the meter.

Clarifications: Range selection, measurement durationClarifications: Range selection, measurement duration Clarifications: Range selection, measurement duration

Sometimes, even experienced users of laser measurement equipment come across some issues that, although basic, need to be clarified. This video reviews 2 such issues.

See how easy it is to setup an Ophir power meter and sensor to measure your laser’s power and energy.


Портативный лазерный измеритель мощности и энергии OPHIR NOVA II P/N 7Z01550 Ophir

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Для получения более полной информации о стоимости и сроках доставки Портативный лазерный измеритель мощности и энергии OPHIR NOVA II P/N 7Z01550 Ophir нажмите «Подробнее».

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Nova II P/N7Z01550

Ручной лазерный измеритель мощности и энергии

  • Попробуйте онлайн-демонстрацию Nova II
  • Совместимость со всеми стандартными Ophir термофильными, BeamTrack, пироэлектрическими и фотодиодными датчиками.
  • Большой ЖК-дисплей высокой четкости.
  • Цифровой и аналоговый игольчатый дисплей.
  • Выход USB и RS232 на ПК с пакетом статистики.
  • Аналоговый выход.
  • Мягкие клавиши и управляемые меню функции с онлайн-помощью.
  • Регистрируйте каждую точку данных до 4000 Гц с помощью пироэлектрических датчиков.
  • Нелетучее хранение данных до 59400 точек.
  • Экран Лазерной настройки и журнал питания.
  • 2 позиционные подставки.
  • Инструменты системного интегратора в комплекте: LabVIEW VIs, COM Object Interface, ActiveX

Помимо использования в качестве автономных, полностью оснащенных лазерных счетчиков мощности/энергии, устройства Ophir легко включаются в более крупные приложения конечного пользователя. Это позволяет системным интеграторам использовать превосходство Ophir в измерительных способностях с устаревшими пакетами анализа.

RS232 общение является самым простым для интеграции в вашем OEM-приложении. Интегрированные среды разработки (IDE), такие как Microsoft viial Studio, предоставляют функции и методы для доступа к com-порту ПК.

Ниже приводится все, что вам нужно, чтобы получить ваши приложения RS232

  • Команды пользователя Содержит алфавитный список и подробное описание всех команд, доступных с устройствами Juno, USBI, Pulsar, Nova-II, Vega, StarLite и StarBright.
  • Кабель Nova II/Vega RS232 (P/N 7E01206) для использования с устройствами Nova-II и Vega (входит в комплект Nova II/Vega).

Ophir обеспечивает общий интерфейс для общения и контроля всех наших usb-устройств. Ofrirlmmeasurement-это COM-объект, который входит в состав установки StarLab (StarLab 2,10 и выше), что позволяет системному интегратору взять под контроль Juno, Nova-II, Pulsar, USBI, устройства Vega, StarBright и StarLite; интеграция их в его внутреннюю измерительную и аналитическую упаковку.